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libraries are so quiet. shhhhh! I am so bored. I guess these things happen. the man at the table in front of mine has a hot pink coat across the back of his chair. I wonder if it is his? maybe it was there when he arrived? maybe he is doing laundry and is forced to wear his wife's. I dont really know. jail systems do not keep their photo files updated. I have a new member in mi famille. interesting huh? yeah shit happens. I am bored I was hoping to see my "boyfriend" (still not used to that word) tonight but my sis says she isnt doing shit and I cant depends on kass so I dont think I will be seeing him. He goes home in just a little over 3 months. I am gonna miss him very much but he claims he is coming back and taking me to europe with him. I wish I had a pic I could post of him. He is very attractive. Just a bit taller than me with blue/green eyes brown hair, a nice build, and a HOT accent. he is originally from Iceland but now he lives in Luxemburg. I dont know how the fuck he ended up in this shit town but he is here for school. He is going to be an A&P Mechanic. But......We will see what happens now, won't we? I am not making any plans because when plans get made they always get fucked up. So if I dont make plans then there is nothing to get fucked up, right? Sí. oh yeah, my nephew's birthday is today, he is 4 now. I almost forgot. We had his party last night cause his mom wanted him today or somethin like that. He is a cute kid, I thought he was never gonna be done opening presents and I finally got to see the end of Finding Nemo. oh yeah I got a fish too. his name was Cesár Nero, but his nickname was Tony. yes WAS the little shit died already which was actually quite sad he was so cute he was a goldfish that was white and orange but he wouldnt eat and i think that may have had something to do with why he died I dont know I had never had a fish before but he was a cute little guy.
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