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this sucks

i am going to prom this year. I never wanted to go and then one day i decided i did and now i am going, I am taking Magnus and my parents know and all of that. I got my dress yesterday but right now I dont even feel like I want to go. I dont know what is wrong with me. I dont know if it's cause i am a girl or cause i am just fucked up. I guess iwill never know. but something isnt right. went to the movies today and saw Starsky and Hutch it was really funny, Magnus went with us and I dont know why but for some reason I felt sort of distant from him. actually I felt like he was distant from me but I know it was the other way around because it was me being a pain in the ass. sometimes i think i am not meant to be in a relationship. I have no reason to not trust him but for some reason I dont. and I dont think it is intuition or anything like that. i think iam broken ot something. like i have bveen fucked over too many times by other guys that i CANT trust anyone now. i dont evern trust members of my own family. i AM fucked up i guess.
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