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Karse: hello lil girl
oceansofchaos: yea
Karse: so u misses out on halloween
Karse: hella parties
oceansofchaos: we went bar hopping
Karse: me and steph got kicked out of one lastnite
oceansofchaos: what did you do?
Karse: me?
Karse: why does it always have to be me
oceansofchaos: you guys
Karse: so when u comin home u made up ur freckin mind yet or what
oceansofchaos: maybe next fall or spring
Karse: ahh shit
Karse: this spring?
Karse: comin up
oceansofchaos: it goes fall winter spring summer right?
oceansofchaos: so maybe fall or spring
oceansofchaos: cause the fall semester comes first
Karse: well true
Karse: if you have to be enrolled for the fall semester by like mid july
oceansofchaos: yeah
Karse: if i dont make since just go along with it i ate some bars
Karse: and i miss u
oceansofchaos: so you went to see Andrew right? how is he?
Karse: yea hes good
oceansofchaos: thats good
Karse: i told jami u were gonna call him
Karse: good thing i did cuz she had to put your name down or they wouldnt let u
oceansofchaos: is he still at tulsa regional?
Karse: so he was excited u were going to so u might want to sometime soon
Karse: yes
oceansofchaos: I have already talked to him
oceansofchaos: before you went
Karse: oh well thats interesting he said he hasnt talked to u since u left
Karse: and he missed u
oceansofchaos: I called him from my cell phone
oceansofchaos: he talked to me when he had first got into tulsa regional, he kept saying I sounded like I was from New England
oceansofchaos: maybe they have him on too many meds
Karse: well maybe u shd call him again
oceansofchaos: well fuck i wont be home until thursday or friday
Karse: u know honestly i dont think he want to get out and go home
oceansofchaos: i dont either
Karse: i think he has been in those places so long he has adapted to it and feels safe there
oceansofchaos: would you want to go live with that nut cacse of a mother
Karse: he knows whats gonna happen everyday u know.. he has a set routine
oceansofchaos: would you want to go to a hotel in shit sand springs riding in a stolen truck with some ugly bastard with a gun who screams at people through the hotel walls?
oceansofchaos: see your slut of a mother get yelled at and slapped around?
Karse: yea
oceansofchaos: fuck i would take him if i could
Karse: but jami doesnt even try to make it normal
Karse: shes not fuckin normal
oceansofchaos: yeah i know she isnt normal and she doesnt care about anyone but herself
Karse: she didnt even get him out for halloween cuz her and damien were fighting
Karse: u know why they were fightin
oceansofchaos: cause they are stupid?
Karse: i was at stephs she wanted some bud i told her to come over and get it just to come inside i didnt say he couldnt come to but as soon as she knocks on the door hes honkin the horn
Karse: she said he thinks im in here seein a guy hes yellin and freakin out
oceansofchaos: that is bullshit what a psycho
Karse: she wasnt even in there 2 min
oceansofchaos: of course not they are crazy what the hell is she gonna do about the baby on the way?
oceansofchaos: wait a minute she is smoking bud while she is pregnant?
Karse: yea she is smokin bud
Karse: says she will quit month b4 it pops out
oceansofchaos: yeah just so they are both clean in the hospital
oceansofchaos: she is fucking sick is steph doing any better?
oceansofchaos: keep talkin i gotta get some water
Karse: steph is just steph shes gonna party and do her thing until she wants to quit not when ppl tell her to
Karse: weve been hangin out alot
Karse: i mean shes doin better she gets out of the house and stuff im mainly just kissin ass so i can see maddie that little girl has had he head up my ass all week
oceansofchaos: lol atleast she gets out of the house now
Karse: for real if im not there she gets pissed gets stephs phone and tells her to call me she wants to talk
oceansofchaos: lol that girl is a nut
Karse: then all she says is hi luv u bye
oceansofchaos: awww
Karse: and hangs it up
oceansofchaos: lol she just likes the phone
Karse: yea you would be amazed how well she can talk
oceansofchaos: i called the cops once when i was little
oceansofchaos: just to see if they were really there ya know
oceansofchaos: they always told us "call 911" if you need help
oceansofchaos: but would pushing three buttons really do anything? well it did
oceansofchaos: I miss maddie
Karse: yea shes gonna get christmas pics i already told steph i needed some to send to u
oceansofchaos: cool
Karse: she said cool so when we get them il send u some
oceansofchaos: good man it is stressing me out with all this school shit
oceansofchaos: i just want a bachelors degree in accounting you know
Karse: lol dont worry abt it till u get here just have fun with magni while ur there
oceansofchaos: no i want to be enrolled before i come home i am not coming home and wasting time and jacking off i want all the shit to be taken care of
oceansofchaos: yeah you're right though
Karse: well good luck its a long process and you usually have to go up to the school and sign shit and what not
oceansofchaos: I will have two years at TCC to figure out what school I will go to next
oceansofchaos: wel fuck
Karse: yea fun fun
Karse: its real easy tho
oceansofchaos: I am going to take some courses on french and german too
Karse: i just have the problem of waiting till the last min to do everything
oceansofchaos: but not at the same time
Karse: yea that would really fuck u up
oceansofchaos: cause then I will be speaking letzeburgish
oceansofchaos: today was a holiday too so all the shops were closed and all i wanted to do was walk down the street and buy a god damned strawberry tart
oceansofchaos: oh man they are to die for
Karse: what is it
oceansofchaos: I tell you what, I will make you one when I come home
oceansofchaos: I will cook a lot of good shit for you
oceansofchaos: when we have our sleepovers
oceansofchaos: lol
Karse: ok
oceansofchaos: in the winter we can have potato soup, home made
Karse: hell yea
Karse: i went grocery shopin with my mom
Karse: and i found those frozen hashbrowns we always ate
oceansofchaos: lol i miss those but i think they would make me sick now, we ate so many
Karse: i cooked one the other mornin put some mustard on it and thought of u
oceansofchaos: lol you know what I really misS? kraft macaroni and cheese
Karse: hell yea
oceansofchaos: I havent eaten any macaroni and cheese since i left the states
Karse: damn i just had some that lastnight before our wild party we got kicked out of
oceansofchaos: lol why did you guys get kicked out?
oceansofchaos: i dont think you told me
Karse: well it was some ppl taylor knew i guess it was a macaroni grill party
Karse: and matt was there with him matt called me like around 1 and was really shity and me and steph were allready at a lil shindig chillin but we wanted some bud
Karse: so matt found me a blunt from someone at this party and told me to come get it well stephs drunk ass wants to go in and party but taylor and matt were leavin to some chicks house
Karse: so i get drug in there she is all introducin herself bein all loud tryin to find this ashley chich cuz it was her party and steph just wanted to say whatsup
oceansofchaos: oh shit, steph is crazy
Karse: everyone kept sayin shes downstairs shes in the bathroom she went outside we were like walkin in circles cuz this chick was everywhere
oceansofchaos: damn soiunds like you
Karse: steph finally says well where the fuck is this bitch at
Karse: u know just bein us not nothin by it
Karse: well it started some shit
oceansofchaos: uh oh
Karse: cuz the bitch came around the corner
oceansofchaos: oh shit
Karse: lol
Karse: it was some funny shit
oceansofchaos: perfect timing steph
Karse: yea
Karse: but she wasnt tryin to be rude or nothin u know how we talk
oceansofchaos: yeah i know bitch
Karse: some ppl just dont understand
Karse: that was the first time somone really got bad abt bein called that
oceansofchaos: she freaked out?
Karse: yea it was some prissy chick and she got called a bitch at her own party by someone she didnt know
oceansofchaos: oh I see how it is
Karse: it was funny shit so as we walk outside
oceansofchaos: ?
Karse: someone had just got up from these steps ppl had been sitin on chillin outside to find a lighter for her cig
Karse: she left her drink and some keys
Karse: steph jacked someones car keys
oceansofchaos: oh shit
oceansofchaos: steph!
Karse: she said now we are even lets roll
oceansofchaos: lol oh shit
Karse: i was like ah shit its gonna be a long nite
oceansofchaos: some poor bastard had to call a locksmith
Karse: lol pretty funny huh
oceansofchaos: yep that girl is crazy
oceansofchaos: hey when is my sisters baby due?
oceansofchaos: she is like 4 or 5 months now?
Karse: april somtin
oceansofchaos: i wonder if i will be back by then
Karse: i hope
oceansofchaos: i hope she doesnt dump this kid off on my parents
Karse: would they even go for that
oceansofchaos: but i hope she takes care of it i dont know if it keeps one person from turning out just like her they might but i doubt it
Karse: there to old for that shit
oceansofchaos: yeah that bitch needs her tubes tied
Karse: i try not to talk to her abt shit
Karse: i just give her her merchandise when she calls
oceansofchaos: you know sometimes I think we never should have even tried to "save her" from Todd
oceansofchaos: lol
oceansofchaos: you should grind up some abortion pills in her bud next time
Karse: lol im not wastin money on a whore
oceansofchaos: true
Karse: she will just do it again
oceansofchaos: yeah i know that bitch needs her tubes tied
oceansofchaos: or to get back on dope
oceansofchaos: or to go shoot herself in the face
oceansofchaos: hey i have to tell you about this dream i had it is too crazy
oceansofchaos: ok it started out at magnis parents house, him and his stepdad were going somewhere, i think to denmark but im not sure, so magnis brother and one of his friends drove me home (to my parents) but it didnt look anything like magnis brother does in real life
oceansofchaos: and i got home and you called me and told me to come over
oceansofchaos: so i went to your house and your truck was in the front yard and i was leaning up against it, your front door was open but you and your mom were arguing
oceansofchaos: then you guys come walking through the front yard and back into the house
oceansofchaos: then your mom comes back outside and goes to the back yard and I yell "6000 miles and I dont get a fucking hello?"
oceansofchaos: you told me about some party and to meet you there and left, and i told gulli and his friend about it and they drove off leaving me!
oceansofchaos: are you reading this?
Karse: yea
oceansofchaos: k
oceansofchaos: well i was going to walk home (it is night time too dark) but all these people from school were standing in the middle of the street and I couldnt get through
oceansofchaos: michael jackson was there with some cheerleader and crystal peterson and ryan o daniel were there, i think a football game had just got out or something but i dont know why they were there
oceansofchaos: and then lights from a cop car come around the corner and everyone starts running and I realize I have no shirt on
Karse: lol
oceansofchaos: so I hide in the bushes of the lady with the nice yard and hope the cops dont see me
oceansofchaos: then i try to run home but instead run into a clothing store and grab a shirt to put on while the cops drive by
oceansofchaos: then me you and my sister are at a store shopping
oceansofchaos: and then we come back to your house and rachel mccoy, remember her, her locker was always next to mine, takes all the hangars and puts them on a shelf that says 4 4 1/2 5 5 1/2 etc
oceansofchaos: then me and you are looking out the front door and you tell me you talked to one of the powell twins i dotn remember which one
oceansofchaos: and he was looking for dope cause he was all strung out with, get this, Keanu Reeves
Karse: your fucked up
oceansofchaos: then my sister comes and is standing behind us and says "have you seen todd around anywhere?" and I say no why is he calling you again?
oceansofchaos: and she says "yeah" and we were like "oh shit"
oceansofchaos: she said that he had called her and said he got into some good money now selling dope to Keanu Reeves
oceansofchaos: so me and you decide to walk to my house but I dont know why
Karse: interesting u always have the most fucked up dreams
oceansofchaos: and we were walking down the street, towards coltrane's, and then we are like "oh look there is one of the powell twins" but we couldnt remember which one it was
oceansofchaos: then there is a house with the garage door open and there is like a ferrari in it ad nice cars and we are like oh shit so we run to my house and all these nice cars keep driving by real slow
oceansofchaos: and I was banging on the bathroom door for my dad to get out of the shower, when I woke up
oceansofchaos: what the fuck does that mean?
Karse: um im not sure what any if this means
Karse: hopefully none of it will ever come true
oceansofchaos: yeah i know
Karse: i dont want to hear abt todd
oceansofchaos: me neither
oceansofchaos: but you know what? if he gets paroled he will be out before either one of us even have a masters degree
Karse: yea thats not good
Karse: sometimes u have to get the hell away
Karse: u know what i mean
oceansofchaos: yeah i know but the question is will he forget about jami and all the bullshit or will he try to get revenge because he thinks she is the one who ratted him out and that automatically somehow includes us
oceansofchaos: well go turn in your paper i will talk to ya later
Karse: k luv ya
Karse: bye
oceansofchaos: love ya too
oceansofchaos: bye bye
Karse has signed out. (11/2/2005 12:54 AM)
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